At Christ Lutheran we feel called to meet the needs of our community. As CCSD has decided not to go back to in person instruction beginning in the fall we have been presented with the question, how do I work and educate/watch my child at home? The cost of childcare is too much, private school costs are too great and I am forced with choosing between my job and my child's education and safety.

In response we have hired Mrs. Linda Hinze as our first Distance Education Proctor. Your child will be supervised from 8am-3pm Monday through Thursday. Mrs. Hinze will make sure that your student is logging in to required class time, completing course work and she will supplement the curriculum with in person instruction and activities.

To keep the cost of this program down we are calling it a non-traditional homeschool co-op where a lead teacher will be the educator each day and a parent volunteer will assist in the classroom on a 12 day rotation as there are 12 students per class.

The cost is $120 per week per child for Monday-Thursday instruction 8am-3pm. The commitment is to parent volunteer once every 12 days of education after completion of a background check. We will offer a month to month contract as CCSD says they will reevaluate every 30 days.