Our pastor’s wife calls the Saturday evening worship gathering “uncomfortably casual.” Nobody is getting dressed up for this service. Our Pastor normally wears a polo shirt to lead this service. It also would not be out of the ordinary for him to lead the service in his hemp Rainbow sandals or his Chacos. We don’t pass the plate. If you want to support the work this congregation is doing, Pastor normally remembers to put a plate on the shelf near the entrance/exit. The candles get lit if Pastor remembers to light them. The service consists of 4 songs led with an acoustic guitar, some prayers, a scripture reading and a sermon that is about 12 minutes on average. We celebrate the Lord's Supper, also called communion, every week. This is especially for baptized believers.

About the kids

We don’t have a nursery or children’s church. We don’t have a separate space for small children. We believe that it is important for families to worship together. We are committed to having people of all ages together in worship. We understand that kids make noise. We understand that kids have the wiggles. To say that we understand that is really an understatement. We encourage and welcome it! There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Each of Pastor's daughters, on more than one occasion, have bolted down the middle of the church screaming right at the climax of the sermon. It’s okay. Really.

We appreciate (again, understatement) what kids bring to the worship experience. Did we mention that we believe it is important for the family to worship together? We would prefer your kid throwing a temper tantrum during a quiet prayer time or during the sermon than not having your family there at all. We consider it a privilege to be able to be in community with you and your family.