What we are aiming for with our Sunday morning service is a relaxed reverence. This service is filled with symbolism. This service has aspects that both children and lifelong Christians are still learning. The garments our Pastor wears (most of the year) for this service connect what we believe and practice to the ancient Church and have substantial theological significance. This service has historic hymns that are sung out of a hymnal along with an organ. There are times that we stand up out of reverence and respect. There are parts of the service that we do responsively and other parts we do together in unison. It’s okay if you’re unfamiliar with our worship service. There are some parts of the service even we are still learning! If you’re lost the people around you would be more than happy to help you out. Our worship service is intended to be a relaxed environment. There is no need to fear the unknown here. The Pastor will surely make a mistake during the service, so don’t worry about not knowing what to do. We celebrate the Lord's Supper, also called communion, every week. This is a part of the worship service especially for baptized believers. Once the service is over there is normally coffee and donuts for people to socialize over.

About the kids

We don’t have a nursery or children’s church. We don’t have a separate space for small children. We believe that it is important for families to worship together. We are committed to having people of all ages together in worship. We understand that kids make noise. We understand that kids have the wiggles. To say that we understand that is really an understatement. We encourage and welcome it! There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Pastor’s kid, on more than one occasion, has bolted down the middle of the church screaming right at the climax of the sermon. It’s okay. Really.

We appreciate (again, understatement) what kids bring to the worship experience. Did we mention that we believe it is important for the family to worship together? We would prefer your kid throwing a temper tantrum during a quiet prayer time or during the sermon than not having your family there at all. We consider it a privilege to be able to be in community with you and your family.