“We love people here. We love people who ask questions, even the hard questions. Life isn’t easy and sometimes this whole church thing doesn’t make sense. But we are in it together...as a family...so you are invited to jump in and do this together with us. 

When it comes to exploring controversial social issues, we prefer to do that from a posture of grace. We try hard not to be combative. 

But we do know that the Bible is nothing if not practical and God doesn’t just care about our spiritual lives, but rather our entire lives. So we aren’t going to run away from controversial social topics. We don’t lead with it, but we aren’t afraid to have the difficult discussions either. If that’s your thing, welcome.

Jesus loves you.”

If our stance on social issues is one of your first questions

we are probably not the church for you.

Regardless of where you stand on the social issues we have no interest in being a combatant in the culture war. The message we've got is much bigger than whatever this week's cultural fad is. The Church has been proclaiming the same message for 2,000 years. American pop culture isn't going to sway that.

We certainly have a framework for thinking through the pressing issues of our day. We aren't ignorant of what the social issues are in our country. It shouldn't be surprising that Christianity, which has spanned history, cultures, and continents doesn't squarely line up with American politics.